Introduction to my family tree.

For several years I have wanted to find my ancestors. I know that other family members have tried, but gave op
pursuing this due to the huge amount of work that was required.
During my summer holidays in 2005, my youngest son Emil, my wife Marianne and I went to Ebeltoft, because
my grandfather was born there.
In Ebeltoft I recalled many of the houses and places where my parents took me on family visits in my childhood.
My aunt Doris, who lives in Hjørring, and I have always talked a lot about our family relations and if
I wanted to find our ancestors, their life history etc., now was a good time.
The sources about my deceased family members are from books, old newspapers, census papers, parish
registers and local history arhives. Also many thanks to my aunt Doris, who has been very helpful in this process.
Everybody has an opportunity to contribute with information about family members. My archive is considerably
larger than the one you are able to see on my homepage. It takes a lot of work to establish, please have patience
and it will get updated gradually.

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Have fun and I hope you will enjoy this Gallery

Flemming Steen Steensen


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